Who Am I ?

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Hello readers!

The one question every human being is bound to ask from themselves and ponders on is undoubtedly “Who am i?”. This my friends is the very core of human saga and is the sole responsible factor for all the discoveries and inventions made.

Ops! I got off the track, my name is Syed Muhammad Ali Abbas Rizvi, and since my birth I have been brought up and lived life in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi. When we are kids our thoughts and imaginations knew no limits and as we grow up the imagination starts to get over whelmed by the reality of life, a reality which no one but we ourselves choose for us. Well I am one of those who after growing up did not planned to give up that gift of childhood and each day I strive to augment the imagination and innocence of that life into this one. I am a very energetic and fun loving person, love to laugh a lot and tend to act crazy at times, yet I can find reflections of emotions even in the smallest bits of life, I can hear the woes of the autumn leaves and I somehow feel connected to everyone.

Writing blogs, poetry (urdu and english) and reading are one of my most celebrated and favorite hobbies. I am a strong believer and hold good amount of faith in Allah for verily HE is the best of all planners, and do truly believe that by putting in enough efforts one can achieve what ever they desire. I am a go getter and never say die attitude guy, open to challenges, allergic to stagnant routines. For me change is the only constant.

My writing reflects the very vision of my mind and soul, since the day I was born I am on a journey of self discovery, the more I find about myself the more curious I get. Hopefully the journey will continue till death and beyond.

Signing off,

Ali Abbas 😉

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