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Humans are the masterpiece of God, an amalgamation of the opposites and while there is much to explore in the human body, the human mechanism is riddled with many more mysteries, one which has puzzled us since the beginning.

The human capability to think, to generate thoughts is a unique phenomena. The power of a single thought can never be under estimated, it is something that the scientist are unable to explain and the philosophers can only ponder upon. Thoughts are the single most powerful element in our mechanism, it is from this very process that ideologies take birth, innovation is performed and wonders are created. Thoughts are the mecca of the human system!

Have you ever wondered how electrifying an experience it would be to study thoughts, or to see the very generation of a thought? Imagine if it were possible to see what exactly was going through Beethoven’s mind when he was composing the world famous symphonies, what was he thinking? What intrigued him to write those? Or how majestic it would be to study the thoughts Jinnah had during the 1947 revolution, or what was Rumi thinking when he wrote his magical poetry?

Each and every second of life we think, we use our thoughts to perform the actions we do and the decisions we make in life. Yet we are still unable to explain the basic structure of thought generation. Humans are often classified as good and bad but in reality it is the thought that is either good or bad and that makes us truly what we are. It is crucial to develop a healthy thought process not only on an individual level but also in a more collective manner because the thoughts of individuals sum up to become the mindset of an entire nation.

On a personal level I tend to think a lot, not only about matters persistent to myself but on more wider aspect and issues as well. It is a healthy activity to think, discuss and brainstorm on different issues as doing so often leads to new paths and solutions. Along with thinking I feel it is also important to express those thoughts and bring them in front of audiences. This is the exact aim I wish to achieve and therefore I try to share at least one new thought daily in the “Todays Thought” category. Read along in the hopes of establishing a better thought process and sending positive vibes all across.

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