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Poetry is perhaps the most integral part of my personality, everyone in life has that one single element which defines them and for me that is poetry. Being a poet is a God gifted talent same as an artist, musician or maths genius, these are those special twinkles of blessings by God which are showered upon all and its just a matter of discovering your part of the star dust.

Poetry is not merely a combination of superfluous words and love tales, it is that and much more. Poetry is nature, it is God’s way of soothing our sub-conscious mind be it the sound of water falls, the birds chirping, the toad croaking or the moon lit night shimmering, the crisp breeze or the feel of ocean waves running through your feet every where poetry surrounds us often dancing with the melodies of music. Even from our daily life, poetry is not that far take for instance the busy city life, during all the hectic work hours and the chaos of reaching from one place to another, poetry speaks to us in short rhythmic burst. The casual 2 min chat with an office colleague, the funny text received during an important meeting all these little bits join hands to be one symbolic representation of poetry.

Poetry is a very multi-dimensional path where we can experience the mystic gardens of Rumi, the fiery blades of Iqbal, the sun bathing scenes of wordsworth, the drama of shakespear and the thought provoking verses of faiz.

I with whatever little learning and blessings write what I feel and when I feel, the surge of emotions if too high for me will always end up as a piece of poetry. Over the years I have written and expressed myself in both Urdu and English. Most of my themes tend to sound very demotivating and are subject of violence, lies and betrayal but like the greats of this domain I am never limited by a single concept and as my readers will discover my work is a blend of … life! I will share all my old and new pieces in the poetry category, so please have a read and indulge in the magic.

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