A fleeting glimpse of joy!

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The Sunset of our smile, will linger for a while The crystals in our eyes, will sting of your demise. And yet I know that…. A flower did not blossom, A story was left untold, A candle remained unlit A life was dismissed. But still I know that… A second chance will be given The […]


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It is the third straight week in which K.E.S.C has blessed our office with absolute absence of electricity! Yep you heard that right, there is no electricity which means all stand by modes (UPS, generator, building generator) have been consumed. This also means a complete black out inside offices and work efficiency dropping drastically. Imagine […]

|Before success|

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A black sky hates the moon – Rumi The glory of one out done by another… that was the first perception I got by reading the quote, I may well be completely wrong but then again we all are at times. Everyone appreciates the glowing moon… everyone wants to bask in the silver lime light […]


Bliss and Woe

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lost in an eternal bliss… finding happiness all around… peaking from the flowing water… by hope and joy i am surround… looking at the clear blue sky.. confused at heart i wonder why? in distance are the mountains high… the sun bows down to kiss good bye… enters next the woeful night… lit with the […]

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