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One cold night I did see… A blinding light… in my vision.. Calm yet loud… did it speak… Why since ages have we not spoken? With all my heart… i did say… God i am not to be forgiven.. Reasons many i have .. None yet to justify my treason.. My heart it does truly […]

Blessings in disguise

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Life is strange. It is filled with emotions, passions, feelings, ambitions, relations, dreams and most importantly reality. Some say life is brutal which is correct in its own accord, while some say life is beautiful which again is absolutely correct. The amalgamation of different experiences decides the overall outlook one has on life. It is […]

|The third side|

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“One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist”. Life is all about perspectives, what is right for you might not be right for me and what in your view is the truth might be the complete false for me. Humans tend to differ a lot, it is something in our nature. God created us all […]

|Pile of problems|

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Often I hear people complaining about how difficult their life is and how all their hard work is going in vain. We tend to complain and whine a lot, it can be anything from the bad performance of our kids at school to our own performance at work, we complain about every single thing and […]

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