The Moor…

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He was standing at the edge of a cliff, looking over a deserted moor covered with mist and fog. The night was clear with a hint of cold breeze blowing around and an ever so slightly growing stench of the muddy water below. The night had grown deep and the elements of noise were at […]


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walking down the old roads… we look for the ups and downs.. searching the embers of lost memories… listening to sounds of days bygone… looking at the trees once green… swinging merrily on childhood dreams… oh the happy care free past… i wish longer you had last… the smiles and the innocent laughters… the blue […]

وارث ؍ اسلام

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Prophecies of Abul Kalam

Posted by in Pakistan, Religion, Todays Thought on 13. Apr, 2012 | 16 Comments

I doubt if any of you is yet to hear the audio clip being played on our television channels again and again. It is a speech made by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad during a Jummah procession in Dehli mosque on October 23rd 1947. The first time I heard this it gave me goosebumps. How closely […]

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