Tamed Airs

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The void, it never truly gets filled does it? asked the stranger in a hushed voice as if speaking to himself. Indeed! replied the dervish, his voice calm like his posture. A spark of approval crossed his face but as if the dervish could see the thoughts, he continued speaking but it can always be […]


Posted by in English on 22. Mar, 2014 | 8 Comments

Often I wonder of the road not taken… I seek what the traveler saw… On the bend of woods.. Or by river crook… I wonder… what if? There was no path to choose… All that he really saw… Glimpse of weary life… Angels of fate… Laughing at… False hopes? Woven by a an aching heart… […]


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Inhales This one will be intense so make sure you are reading this as quickly as possible, because I am writing it as fast as thoughts can be transferred from mind to paper. This won’t last long but it will shock you or it might not even be able to do that, we will see. […]


Posted by in English, Todays Thought on 25. Jun, 2013 | 4 Comments

One cold night I did see… A blinding light… in my vision.. Calm yet loud… did it speak… Why since ages have we not spoken? With all my heart… i did say… God i am not to be forgiven.. Reasons many i have .. None yet to justify my treason.. My heart it does truly […]

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