An open letter to the director of FAST Karachi

Posted by in Pakistan, Todays Thought on 01. Aug, 2011 | 87 Comments

This is an open letter for Mr Asim-ur-Rehman who is currently the director of FAST-NU Karachi campus. I have no idea if this post will ever reach to him or if he would even read this (assuming he is always so busy in day dreaming) but I would really like my Fastian friends to spread […]

Education Crisis – Red Alert!

Posted by in Todays Thought on 05. Apr, 2011 | 3 Comments

Perhaps the most well known sayings of the holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) are those which speak about the importance of education. The first thing that I remember being taught was “Rab-e-zidni illma” which means “O ALLAH! Increase My Knowldge“. Then there is the famous hadees of Hazoor-e-paak Muhammad (s.a.w) which obligates all muslim men […]

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