|Wajiba’at kay muslim|

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Humari qoum ka ik sab say bara masla yeh hai kay hum bari say bari burai ko bhi chota aur chotay say choti achai ko buhat bara samajhtay hain jis ka nateeja yeh nikalta hai kay humnay ghair mehsoos andaz say apnay app ko iss cheez ka a’adi bana lia hai. Is ka ik aur […]

From atheist to theist – Origins

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The night was taking its final breaths, the moon shone bright on the dark canvas. Silence ruled the planet as people drifted in their dreams. In the midst of a breathtaking surrounding in Hunza was a guest house, its creaking doors and broken windows indicating the old age. So, what’s your story? Farhan was eager […]

From theist to athiest – Part 2

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The sun was shining bright, reflecting upon the bedrock of the silent water stream which flowed in a flawless motion, trees laden with fruits kissing the grounds, birds chirping and a cool breeze ever so gently blowing away the clouds. Everything was in harmony as if the universe was playing melodies and singing a song […]

From theist to atheist – Part 1

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Mom why did Allah made namaz compulsory? Farhan knew he was in trouble the moment he had asked this, mom was very strict on the topic of Islam, Allah. What sort of question is that! Who fills all this in your mind? I will talk with your Qari sahab today, we pay him to teach […]

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