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After putting some good amount of thought and discussion with a friend I have decided to add a new section/category to my blog. It will be called “Morning Messages” and I plan to add short little messages under this category. This is something I had been doing a few months back, and was an inspiration I picked up from another writer friend Maliha Haider

Life is too short to worry over every little matter that pokes us, add that it the theory of Ashfaq Ahmed which states that we tend to look for problems and difficulties in life. The deal with life is that it will be as we want it to be, not that I deny the concept of fate but fate is a dynamic phenomena which changes with elements like effort, determination and positive thinking. I would like to quote Imam Jaffar (a.s) at this point, Imam (a.s) said: “Keep praying, may be it has been written in your fate that if you will pray for a certain thing you will get it, if not then things will be the way they are.”

I will try with my little knowldege and understanding of things and life to create a positive impact by adding brief but thought provoking messages with the only aim to jump start the day on a positive note for myself and other people. Remember we are humans, we may never achieve perfection but we most certainly can attain excellence.

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