18 Comments to “Goodbye my love…”

  1. Anum

    Oct 12th, 2011

    Good byes are good sometimes, for they teach us to move on.

  2. Ali Abbas

    Oct 12th, 2011

    moving on is never an option… a time comes when it becomes the only option

  3. Zafar MaliCk

    Oct 12th, 2011


  4. Ali Abbas

    Oct 12th, 2011

    thank you

  5. AA

    Oct 12th, 2011

    very nice Ali, beautiful use of words that goes straight to the heart!

  6. smaar

    Oct 13th, 2011

    we have been long embracing reality..


  7. Ali Abbas

    Oct 13th, 2011

    @smaar: i am sorry…

  8. shabeeh

    Oct 14th, 2011

    great piece of poetry.gr8 one.bht din baad amad hui hai bhai pay.

  9. Duri

    Oct 14th, 2011

    I have and had liked what you wrote, but this is somewhat straight from your heart and trust me it is as beautiful as the feelings are. = )

  10. Ali Abbas

    Oct 14th, 2011

    @shabeeh: shukriya janab appnay blog perha

    @duri: humbled

  11. moosa

    Oct 17th, 2011

    Friggin awesome!!! Loved every word every line every feel of it!!!

    Loved it so much k loved the dots n !!! in it too….

    Awesome man!!! this is what I expect from you now… Um talking about the standard of the stuff you write (as I know somethings never change)….

    Freakin awesome!!! and I envy you k aesa mai ne kio nahi likha!!!

    jo jo kehra hai dil se nikli hai dil pe lagi hai ….. Sub dhoka hai!!!

    Koi nahi samjha… Koi bhi nahi!!!

  12. Ali Abbas

    Oct 17th, 2011

    @moosa: thank you so much for the appreciation .. reading and re-reading your comment and simply smiling : )

    also i will try my level best to maintain the same standard

  13. Anonymous

    Oct 18th, 2011

    Being strong sometimes means being able to let go..if you actually did that , congrats you are soo strong 🙂

  14. afshan

    Oct 18th, 2011

    awesome ali!

  15. Samreen

    Oct 24th, 2011

    wo inter n matric mai parha tha na k shayeri esi honi chahye k baat dil se nikal k dil tak pohunch jaye…. it iz something like that…. that is what this read made me feel.

    About your writing, you are maturing the art everyday… keep up the good work Ali n never stop writing… writing is your Thinngg…

  16. Ali Abbas

    Oct 24th, 2011

    Thankyou very much sam. I do hope to maintain the same standards with my writing inshallah

  17. @farheenabedi

    Oct 16th, 2013

    Saying good bye and moving on is so not easy. The other person does not just leave but takes away a major part of you. which when gone, is gone for ever. Nobody, not even us, could ever be able to bring those pieces back, no matter how hard we try!

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