87 Comments to “An open letter to the director of FAST Karachi”

  1. Munis

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Thanks for blogging this , Its high time that Mr. Asim should be removed

  2. Ali Abbas

    Aug 1st, 2011

    really this needs to be highlighted, how can someone say something like this!

  3. abbasii

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Even though I don't like this guy, but I would only write such things only if I was there in that room when this all happened

  4. Ali Abbas

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Abbasii well that would be your choice, and I accept I may have written a few things over the line in a rage of emotions, but try and feel the embarrassment of the father and the son. We need to be more concerned about others, especially during such injustice.

  5. A.samad

    Aug 1st, 2011

    dude i agree with you. he has done the same with last year's final year student who asked for installments. he is totally unworthy of what he has. my sympathy with kid .

  6. Ali Abbas

    Aug 1st, 2011

    yes i heard about that case as well, I have no idea wth are the higher authorities doing

  7. Muhammad Usama

    Aug 1st, 2011

    I also faced such problems. Seriously, this guy sucks!!! :@

    I did teaching assistantship in my 7th semester for 4 months. 7 thousand/month was supposed to be given (which makes a total of 28K). They gave stipend of 2 month (5 thousand/month) and said, "shukar karo ye bhi mil gaye, bas mai aap se sirf yehi kahunga ke aap ne baqi paise FAST ko donate kardiye". WTH! Frankly speaking they didn't want to pay. They paid at the end of 8th semester just because new TA positions were open perhaps they wanted to correct their image. FAST was made as no-profit no-loss organization. Now, they are doing business.

  8. Ali Abbas

    Aug 1st, 2011

    @usama: thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is the case everywhere brother, education and every other welfare aspect has been turned into a business.

  9. Ahsan Qamar

    Aug 1st, 2011

    I can send this article to the higher authorities if you want me to cox as far as i can see it this guy deserves it ..

  10. Ali Abbas

    Aug 1st, 2011

    @ahsan bhai: i would really appreciate if you can do this. The higher ups must be aware of whats going on

  11. Ali Mohsin

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Thats terrible, and yes he is so blunt and he doesnt move an inch even someone like this kid's father is infront of him. And there must be something better than FAST's management and faculty in the kid's fate because if they couldnt have paid at that time and later in future if they had to go through something like that again, it would definitely be a difficult situation for them!

  12. Saib Khan

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    is there any way to contact the father of the student??? I will try my best to help him as much as I can.

  13. Sikander Ahmed

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    My name is Sikander Ahmed. I graduated from FAST couple of years back. The story of a boy seems familiar to me coz i also went through the all these things when i got my admission. My father told me at the time of admission that he has savings to pay for my 3 – 4 semesters. In 2nd year I came to know about the loan policy and applied for it. And i was fortunate my loan approved!!… well not so fortunate…

    What else i could ask… My father was relieved. And I started feeling good about the institute as I had to pay only less than half of the fee and rest i can pay once i graduate and start earning…

    But story doesnt end there… There is a clearing process in FAST with which every Fastian must be familiar with…. when you are about to graduate and in to your last few days…. you need to get a clearance from accounts department… With a week left in final exams i was told u cant appear in exam because you have some dues left to pay and hence accounts department cant clear you. When i asked to accounts guy he told me you have not paid fees for last 4 semesters. I told them there must be some misunderstanding as I am availing loan policy and only pay small amount each semester…. he said "You are not on the list, your loan was never approved!"…. I told him they issued a list 3 years back and through notice board i came to know about it….. when he opened a file and after turning over several pages he said… "Oh yes! there is a wrong list of approvers. We updated the list later and why didnt they notify I have no idea about it…". As there was a error in the list or false list was issued on notice board or what ever god knows… i was told to pay the fees of six semesters and thats it. If i failed to do so, they wont let me appear in the exams and i will not get the degree…. !!!

    HOD, account managers, teacher, directors, rectors.. I plea to every one but none helped me… I wrote thousands of words to Director and didnt even get to meet him once. In the end, i paid the amount and how did my father arranged it in a days time… well !! … but he did…

  14. Ali Abbas

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    @ali mohsin: yes I am sure God has something better in mind for the kid.

    @saib: I do not have any contact details, the kid is trying for admission elsewhere

    @sikander: Sigh! i can only imagine through what you and your father have gone. The first impression I had about FAST was that it has good and bad students, good and bad teachers.. but worst kind of management, that still holds true.

  15. Mohsin

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    What can i say? they are too blind in making money without even caring about the future of their students. This clearly shows how much interested they are, in making students career. No doubt why they started civil Engg at LHR campus. though they had worse experience and example of Telecommunication Engineering. Gold Medalist of last 3 batches are working in software houses. Ahhhh GOD then we talk about country, about our leaders without even looking at us at our bear. Then we arrange dinners on getting MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ADMISSION APPLICATIONS. May Allah show us right path.

  16. Ali Abbas

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    @mohsin: yes that is the broader aspect of the picture, education has been made a commercial product as well

  17. Syed

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    To be honest I was not shocked at all reading about this incident. I have had a lot of experiences with this person, and I'd totally agree with you when you call him a "cold block of ice"! He's not fit for this job at all, be it teaching, be it heading a department or the entire karachi campus!

    A person who can hardly communicate, is heading this prestigious university. He called a group of students a group of ghunda's when they were deseperate to get a course offered, i mean how insane is that? He starts trembling and fidgeting when you try to argue with this hard-headed ignorant inhuman freak!

    Please, email this blog post to him, Asim-ur-Rehman, and all the faculty members so that they know whats going on!!

  18. Fahad Hafeez

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Hey … M shocked to learn this … m myself a Fastian Grad of Telecom Dept working in the Telecom Field and i am what FAST made me ! , When i got admission in 2003 i was also having financial problems and Sir Asim-Ur-Rehman was the one that informed me of the Loan Policy and i applied for it and Thanks to Allah was able to get it aproved. i was able to continue my studies and eventually graduate. even i had no issues in giving the Finals and Geting the degree. This is my Experience of FAST.

    and Dr Asim ur Rehman proved to be a great teacher at that time for us as he tought us Feed back Control systems that we stil remember he was amoung the few good teachers at that time.

    And therefore m shocked and in a state of denial while reading this.

    To FAST and Its Adminsistration (after reading this) : Please improve your reputation before this money hugry Phsycology Like our politics Ruin You Completely …. As No one would like to come so far away if such attitudes are Kept. It is High Time. " Abhi bhi sudher Jao Waqt hai ! , Ilm phelao Corruption nahi " Hope this message is loud and Clear. Thanks.

    Fastian Grad.

  19. Omair

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Exactly similar kind of thing happened to me. I broke my ankle and my attendance was 1% shorter then required to sit in the exam though my semester work was good in AR's Course. The respected teacher said "if you have genuine problem then I have a genuine solution DROP THE SEMESTER GET YOUR LEG FIXED AND THEN COME TO US".

    Not only this. Due to his insanity I was forced to withdraw 2 courses b/c of my attendance. The other students who i personally know that they were bunking classes spoke to Zubari Shaikh and were allowed to sit in exam. When I question AR about this he said he is my boss he can do anything.

    He will pay someday….. That is all I can say.

  20. Naveed

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    This guy is the worst we had to face at FAST and since now he is incharge of black and white over there so I could image how he would be conducting the matters. This guy needs to be screwed out of this prestigious institute which has gradually lost all of his values since the departure of Hilal Qureshi.

  21. Munir

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Such a shameful Attitude, well I believe in what you do now will come around and hit you soon, he will feel the same sting soon IA.

    And "The first impression I had about FAST was that it has good and bad students, good and bad teachers.. but worst kind of management, that still holds true." couldn't agree more to this.

  22. kANxA

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Samme situation hapnd wd me last semester n he said that ask money from ur relatives n give the whole payment i was highly disappointed bt somehow arranged the money 🙁

  23. Basit

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    I am a student at FAST Lahore, feel sorry for that guy. But the fact remains that there is nothing new in it for management of FAST. They are used to humiliate people frequently regarding all issues related to accounts after or before admission.

  24. Ali Abbas

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    @all: thankyou for your continued support, please keep on spreading the word and maybe we can get some higher ups to read this. The issue is not only the policy, the greater concern is the manner with which issues are being dealt

  25. Kamran

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Back in our days there were no installments either, There was always an arrangement with a bank to provide student loan at that time it was PICIC. I have no clue which bank is it now.

    On the other hand the way if Asim ur Rehman did respond like this, he is such an ****. This clearly indicates they have no clue how to handle the matters of FAST

  26. Osama Ahmed Momin

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Well friends and brothers it is time to take some matters in our hands, because if it keeps on going like this there will be no education in future, if there will be they will be at very high price. Knowledge increases if you share it with others. if the bank gives you loan for education they will take interest with it.

  27. Lahori

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    same was response to me. I unfortunately failed in a math course in last semester. I asked them to give me 2 more days to arrange money but account manager said "Paise hain to padh lo nahi to next semester men padh lena".

  28. Ali Abbas

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    its the system, everyone becomes a victim of it eventually

  29. Muhammad Mujtaba Ras

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    It is very unfortunate to read about the cruel behavior of Director FAST-NU. Almost every private university is just doing business and they are not interested in imparting the education among the needy students. I strongly condemn the behavior and attitude of FAST-NU administration.

  30. Adeel Ijaz

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    I had similar issues when i started my MS(CS) in Aug 2007, it was just 2 months after completing my BS(CS) in June 2007. i went to Ms. Hasina Khatoon (HOD of CS at that time) and she was so understanding, nice and considering that Allhumdullilah, my matter got resolved within a few hours (in just a day) and i got admission in Masters.

    I think people like Ms. Hasina Khatoon, Sir. Zafar Nasir, Dr. Hilal Qureshi are the ones who know what FAST university actually is and what its values are, and they are the people who should get the top seats.

  31. Ali Abbas

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    @adeel: yes the names you mentioned are truly the asset of FAST, and we have heard several tales from our seniors about the golden age of Fast when Dr Hilal Qureshi was the director

  32. Umme Kulsoom

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Well seems like a true story. Probably blogging about it won't help. Alright so this is funny what I am going to share here.

    I was on Endowment board scholarship for complete 4 years ALHAMDULILLAH. Everything looked fine. Till I was asked to pay 10,000 rupees because the scholarship amount was not in the accounts yet. Eventually it took some time but now its all good. When I asked them to give my money back, they said I need to bring all the receipts from 1st semester for accounts clearance. Whereas FAST-NUCES is considered to be the university of computers and EMERGING sciences. Why can't they check the records on the COMPUTERS that are provided to them for the sole purpose huh?

    Thanks for raising the voice Ali. I don't know what part I can play but I would love to whole heartedly support the kid in financial need.

  33. unknown

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    same situation was happened with me last semester 🙁

    before the final exams of last semester kamran called me and said, your only 25% loan was approved you must pay around 30 thousand in 3,4 days other wise i don't issue you an admit card…

    i went to director for some favor (as 3,4 days was a short time to arrange such amount of money)..but he totally disappointed me 🙁 and said 'i am bound'

    as the previous director give a lot of favor…!!

  34. Ali Abbas

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    @ume-kulsoom: someone has to take a step, look at all these comments! its not just a single persons problem. everyone has suffered in one way or the other (you included)

    @unknown: what i have realized is that this problem has really sprung up its ugly head! too many just too many students are facing this issue due to non-transparent polices and lack of proper communication

  35. Osama Ahmed Momin

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    we youth have to take some steps now for the betterment of our country.

  36. Shuja Abedin

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Feeling sorry for the kid and specially for the father. what a tough words he have faced.

    I think we have to accept now that FAST is just another institute to just make money nothing else matters for them.

    May Allah help kid in getting higher education with respect. Aameen.

    Thanks Ali for blogging.

  37. Shazia Yousuf

    Aug 2nd, 2011

    Keeping quiet is not right! Injustice should be brought forward. Let the world know. But doing things in the right direction is what is required. This should be brouhgt into notice of the head office in Islamabad. If they fail to provide any assistance in this regard, then we can take this thing into media and spread the word around!

  38. Salman Naqvi

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    Mr. Asim ur Rehman, you Sir! are a disgrace to the institution. What right did you have to embarrass the kid's father like that. If you could not do anything for the institution just be kind enough and do one thing, RESIGN. Because that might be the only possible way to make up for your sins.

    I seriously wish that you would face the same condition one day, just to realize how the father felt when you were pelting him with the disgust within you. This was just the story of one boy which was blogged by Ali, there are many more which never come out.

    As for the kid and his father, I wish you good luck. Sir, Insha' Allah your son will get admission in a better university than this one, with such people leading this institution its better for your son to study else where.

    Thank you Ali for blogging this.

  39. R

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    Yeh log paisay apne khabar mein lay ka jayee gain …. lanat hai yar …… ansooo ah gayeee ankhoo mein saree situation parh kar …. he is insane ……

  40. Waqar Ahmed Soomro

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    It looks like our institution is now becoming a money eating machine on the name of spreading education and knowledge. If they are raising fees they should also raise standards not only of teaching but the promises that they make while inducting and publishing there prospectus.

    I feel really sorry for the kid and his father and being a part of FAST would like to apologize because similar things happened in front of us but we didn't condemned but now is the time to raise the voice. I wish I could help the kid in financial terms but will whole heartedly support the movement against such hypocrites.

    May ALLAH the Almighty help the kid and his father in raising him as a well educated person and grant us all with the will to rise against such false promises and culprits.

    Thanks ALI for bringing this in notice.

  41. Xubi

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    Sorry to say but from face he is looking like so islami and soo Sunnah following but behavior like this is totally against Islam ….

    pray that someday when his child will face the same thing and he will be unable to do anything, my heartiest wish is Allah will show one day what he did to others

  42. Abdullah Shafiq

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    Being a Beneficiary of 25% Loan facility at FAST Islamabad (Even when I have very good financial background), I am surprised, as well as shocked. "How can the financial Aid policies be different in two Campuses?" Providing financial aid is basically a policy decision taken by the board of governors, and not a decision of single person. I cannot ignore the possibility that this article could be an attempt to destroy the repute of FAST, or at least the Director of Karachi Campus to remove him from post and bring another person.

  43. syed humayoo

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    i really wish i could beat HIM (Asim-ur-Rehman) the sluggish snail in front of the whole public.. at-least in front of FASTians

    and expose his ignorant and stubborn attitude in the desperation of money he have ….

    i think the name FAST should be changed to SLOW.

    just because of him

    paisun ka bhooka sala.

  44. FAHAD

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    It is a pitty what he has done. But I highly appreciate the voice you raised Sir. This is what is happening everywhere. I am very glad that you highlighted this issue. I remember when I was getting enrolled in NED, the person behind the desk told me that a guy comes here every year, and whoever students has won the seat on merit but is un able to pay the fee, he pays all the fee plus he gives money to the student for books. So where people like the DIRECTOR are there, there are few good people too in this society. Your post is very brave step and highly appreciable.

  45. Daniyal

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    I would second the thought of Abdullah, I am currently a student of FAST Lahore and have many of my friends on Loan facility and yesterday when i went for my course registration, almost 50% of the students were asking the accounts desk for the installments and they were offered easily without any hassle.

    I wonder how 2 campuses (Lahore and Islamabad) follows a different policy than in Karachi.

  46. […] continuation to the Open letter written to director FAST-Khi I have sent a detailed mail to the respected Rector, Dean and […]

  47. Imran

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    This reminds me of the govt. of Pakistan. Hell with these type of people and they will surely have a piece someday. Arrogance will take them down. What does he think he is. Imagine all his things go to dust and his family is on the street and they go asking the same FAST for money.

  48. Ebaad

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    same problem was faced by me , although i have have not taken the course but i have to pay for it i know very well how my father arranged that

  49. sara

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    hmm all is true but mera vision you have no right to call fast institution as apathetic as well as its students .its not true OK and secondly it is the fault of few people so cannot just make a stereotype of the whole institution .and obviously there are so many other institutions which are costly as well no only fast it does fall in the list..

  50. Ali Abbas

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    okay, so after seeing the immense response by everyone and realizing that this is not an individuals issue I have decided to take the next step and post it on express tribune blog. I am willing to take this infront of the Islamabad authorities, if any one can provide me an email address I will do the needful.

  51. Muhammad Zohaib

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    Similar situation happened to me in my last semester though my name was mentioned in Sindh Endowment Scholarship list but since Govt processes are slow and funds were not yet transferred into FAST account, i was asked to pay fee instantly else i would not be registered for course. I got the chance to meet Director but when i left his room I felt very disappointed to see him on such authority because when i insisted him to give sometime so that funds get transferred by the time he simply said "You go to show room if you have money buy the car or leave it simply"

    As mentioned by "Muhammad Usama" i faced the same when i was Grader at the same time. and faced the same situation as mentioned by "Umme Kulsoom" when i ask to refund my money.

    Even today FAST registration process is so much hectic that student's entire day is wasted because you rarely find Accounts person,Advisor,Mr.Kamran Nisar straight away therefore have to wait until they are back to their seat , a glimpse of it is here..

    take form, fill in paper + online

    advisor sign

    photocopy of form

    send 1 to account office with Bank draft… and get accounts slip + stamp

    photocopy of form (with stamp from accounts office ) and send to advisor

    photocopy of accounts slip and stamped form

    submit original form and accounts slip to Mr. Kamran Nisar

    I can assure you there can be booklet written on FAST Mismanagement!!!

  52. WAQAS

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    It sucks man ….. As a teacher this attitude is pathetic …. even i have issues with the older director(zubair sheikh) as he promised me that he will transfer credit hours of another university but he never did …. but atleast his attitude was very friendly …. the new director should be removed asap …..

  53. sara

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    well i mean to say that such problems should be tackled and was unjust able but you have written that you have experienced fast as apathetic well come on u have spent your 4 yrz here ..and coming to the main issue drastic action must be taken as the admin department is concerned to be the back bone of any organization

  54. Ali Abbas

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    okay so apparently etribune as a word limit issue, I have mailed the blog to dawn news. Lets see what happens.

  55. haris

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    yar we should join hands to remove him and save our FAST from ruined by persons like him .

  56. Ali Abbas

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    @all: as promised I have mailed the entire issue to the Dean, Rector and Registrar of FAST-NU. The letter is available http://www.mera-vision.com/2011/08/03/policy-clas… here and all correspondence will be posted as received

  57. Waqar

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    Blogging is good and now most of the Alumni are also aware of the situation, we all students of FAST whether they are Alumuni or current students should take a step further, but first investigate again.

    Decide a date, time and be at Campus to nib this issue in the bud.

  58. Ali Abbas

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    submitted to etribune

  59. Ali Abbas

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    i have updated the reply as received from MR Ayub Alvi, posted on the blog.

  60. Ali Abbas

    Aug 3rd, 2011

    @sara: firstly my name is Ali Abbas, and my blog is called mera-vision. Secondly I am a FASTian myself, please re-read the post I have not once stereotyped the institution or blamed the entire university. I have in fact singled out the individual who is giving a bad name to everyone. It involves myself as well, I am an alumni and I like others have to face the market so there is no way I would want to give my university a bad name. You missed out the main point, it is not about the cost and heavy fee, it is the manner in which the issue was handled.

  61. Sara Khan

    Aug 4th, 2011

    This is true Fast is bull shit and spam university i also bear almost same condition in fast karachi main campus, just say simple fast will demolish as soon

  62. Wafa Tariq

    Aug 4th, 2011

    Shame on them! and all private universities who are charging so high!

  63. Muhammad Saad Farooq

    Aug 4th, 2011

    Bhaii…. beautiful article and im loving it….i must say that these kind of money earning teachers should not be allowed to enter university.. pathetic people having no moral values…

  64. Saif Uddin Mazari

    Aug 5th, 2011

    Dear All Students,

    may be few of you guys aware with my name, i served at FAST NU karachi as A.M Finance for 2 years (nov 2007 to Sept 2009).

    By the Grace of All mighty Allah, 90% of FAST Graduates got good jobs, this was happened due to thier interest in studies and quality education provided by FAST, but i am very disappointed to see most the coments posted by FASTIAN…

    I dont know whats going now a days in FAST, but during my association with FAST, my self, Abdul Saeed and Dr. Zubair offer scholarships / endowments to studnets with full honesty and By the GRace of All mighty Allah we got sucess, even during endowments interview i refused candidate, for whom i was recieved call from one of Parlimenterian.

    Guys during my association with FAST, i am witnessing that 35 % of loan awarded students was not genuine, they produced wrong docs and data only to get loan….

    here, this is humble suggestion that before delivering of any words, we must change our self, we can do every thing for mankind, do it practically with own hands…like

    1. FAST Alumni can start donations to needy students,

    2. FAST Alumni can start schooling of child labour,

    3. FAST Alumni can do something for thier teachers etc

    Gentemens, there is always a system and every one should follow.

    So, be chill, enjoy Ramadan blessings and think practicaly other blog posting.

    Have a great life….


  65. Sandeep Kumar

    Aug 5th, 2011

    I am X-student of FAST_nu …very sad to hear that …pathetic behavior by director …he should removed from the post….person who cant empathize does not deserve to be a human…

  66. tabraiz

    Aug 5th, 2011

    This is the only real fact of Life.

    No money no joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont take it serious its the fact

  67. Ali Abbas

    Aug 5th, 2011

    @saif-ud-din: Sir, I agree to most of what you have said. It is true that students have been dis-honest while applying for endowments and scholarships. There should be a proper check and balance system in place to avoid such scenarios. However you have missed the big picture, the issue is NOT of the loan policy it is the attitude mostly with which the case was dealt. As for your recommendations I would like to bring in your kind notice that FASTian alumni is working its way towards setting up a student loan along the lines of OSAF and are currently associated with various other such beneficiary activities.

    As for taking practical steps, writing this blog and a letter to the Dean was the need of the time. We got results and not only did the Director apologized the student has been allowed to re-apply as well.

  68. Shahrukh Mukhtar

    Aug 5th, 2011

    Agree with all of you. Though he did nothing wrong with me but I already know him before he was director he is quite an ******. That's a special tribute to ******* being associated with Dr.Asim
    *Comment edited by moderator*

  69. Jamshed Tariq

    Aug 5th, 2011

    It is not just behaviour of Mr Asim-ur-Rehman. Same situation is faced by every applicant of FAST student loan at the time of thier interview. Accounts manager Lahore campus Mr. Khalid Saeed Butt loses all his decency during the interview, tries to ridicule and insult the applicants for no reason. He even does not hesitate to throw loan application on the applicants face. Message to Mr. Khalid Saeed Butt "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION!!!! go and sell pakoras…even they are well mannered than you"

  70. Shaheer

    Aug 8th, 2011

    I am glad i ignored the acceptance from FAST. Wont ever want to study at a place where A person at this high post is openly discriminating.

  71. Muhammad Ahmad Imtia

    Aug 9th, 2011

    Being the NUCES alumni, I am feeling really embarrassing after reading all this stuff and would expect that things would improve in coming days..May Allah bless us the wisdom to justify our position-ameen

  72. Grad07

    Aug 16th, 2011

    AOA.Im from Fast Lahore campus. Similar situation happened to my close friend. We were in our final semester and my friend who was always an above average student(3.4 cgpa) was going through some tough times financially. considering that she had been a good student and had previously paid fees on time she requested the administrators to grant her a student loan, through HEC or OSAF. However whoever she would consult in the admin they would turn her down and not in a polite manner. The director Mr. Arshad Hussain (i have not a single good thing to say about this drunkard), spoke so harshly and rudely.he actually said "agar aap pehlay day sakti theen to ab bhi thay sakti hain.islyay chali jayain meray office say". they even refused to put in her name for student loan at HEC.

    my friend was so disheartened.so close to graduation and over one semesters fee they were refusing to let her sit in the exams.

    anyhow, us friends pooled in and paid for her fee but it was not easy for her.no self respecting student ever wishes to go through such a situation but if they do its our teachers,our deans,our director, our administrators responsibility to help the student in whatever way they can. they not only refuse but treat the student like some slum child begging for money at the street corner.

    why would any graduate want to encourage others to join that institute?frankly, i dont.

  73. Grad07

    Aug 16th, 2011

    Mr Khalid Saeed Butt and Sir Saifullah are definitely upto no good. i have witnessed their hanky pankys regarding admission money myself.its disgusting. every semester we would pay 1500 as student club fund. and yet at every occasion, at every event including our convocation they ask for money.Rs 2000 for what?one samosa,one sandwich,and not even a chief guest.yes thats how pathetic our convocation was . there is no check and balance. to this day i have no idea where the club fund goes, or where it is used.

  74. Developer

    Aug 16th, 2011

    Guys please dont worry, u guys just paid Rs 2000 for ur convocation here i have paid 20,000 for convocation and degree in other university.

  75. guest

    Aug 18th, 2011

    M from Fast islambad n i also completed my degree through the loan process. I am surprised to read all above incidents as My loan procedure here is Islamabad took abt 2 semeters to finalize and once i was given the loan , i was never ever asked for money from any individual or department during my four years. Even at the time of clearance I had no problem and I just signed a contract to re pay the loan ,which I have almost paid off .Everything was so fair n me n my is so thankful to Director n the higher authorities of FAST . I also know few of my friends who had financial problems and they were paying the money in installments .It was back in 2004 ,Maybe things have changed now .

  76. Tbraiz

    Aug 20th, 2011

    Thanks to the applicant having entering into the arena and clarifying the situation.

    Even in initial letter my thought was that the person is exaggerating alot. Because he was playing with emotions and there was no sensibility into this post just wanted to attract the readers and defame a professoor.

    Even if Professor Asim said so. So what happened what was wrong into his word. I want to get a reply from author of the post. he should say sorry to the professor.

  77. Ali Abbas

    Aug 20th, 2011

    @Tbraiz: Please re-read the post, the initial letter was written by the original person who was present there when the incident happened. As for the sensiblity of this post I request you to view the communication thread between Dean (FAST), myself and Mr Asim-ur-Rehman where he has apologized for his mistake and the dean has taken a clear stance on the issue. As for attracting readers, please widen your perspective, this is just one of the many blog posts that has been written on this issue other articles may be found on the net. I respect your opinion but personally I do not feel the need to apologize to Mr Asim.


    Aug 24th, 2011

    I am passed out this year from FAST-NUCES karachi. yes you are right brother Director is actually not eligible for this post.Actually he does't know what can he do at this post.He follows the rules that are mentioned in prospectus.I think a Director can give relaxation to any student in his own regard.But he is afraid that he will lose his post if he will do so.

    I think Dr.Zubair was a great Director.He always help new ideas from students.

  79. Adnan

    Aug 29th, 2011

    What a rubbish administration working in FAST Karachi main campus. Even I personally had experienced lots of problems. Its not just Director, but down the stream all of the personals under him are irresponsible and ill-mannered. Right now my friend who was my junior is crying because of his scholarship and loan issues and administration is keeping him running here and there. Something must be done before any downfall of the institution. I request Rector and Vice Chancellor and respectable Dean Mr Alivi Sahab to take a straight notice of all these issues.

  80. Shehper

    Sep 18th, 2011

    What an asshole!

  81. Sohail Zulfiqar

    Oct 5th, 2011

    @ All

    I read out all the comments and tomorrow i will bring this issue in Dr Alvi Notice.

    • Ali Abbas

      Oct 5th, 2011

      I think you are bit late on the issue, please see the other post in which I have posted the conversation I had with Mr Alvi. The issue has been long resolved. However it would be no harm to sit and talk with respected Mr Alvi about the future approach to be maintained.

  82. emaan

    Dec 14th, 2011

    Hmmm what would we say to them ??????????? it is common in all universities in pakistan, at the time of admission they would make you sure there would be no problem we are ready to handle such problems you just need to study hard but unfortunately their all policies and promises would change after 1 -2 semester than they would show their real face as i am experiencing them right now……….

    Educational institutes have become financial benefactor or source of saving money. this is not a issue of Fast only there are so many such bitter stories are there..

  83. Fastian

    Mar 16th, 2012

    Yar yae director bhaut hi ghatya admi hai…is ka ****** pan khata nehai hota.Is ko uni se fauran nikal daina cheayae.

  84. Usama

    Jun 7th, 2013

    Wee the fastians are giving totallyy free space too the administration of fast regarding the fee issues… Its not easy too bear the fee expenses and they are increasing fee every year….
    we should must take action regarding fee increment.
    However the previous batches should have the same fee structure of 4 years as it was given to the respective year's prospectus….
    And if they want to increase fee it should b apply on new batches nott all…

  85. Unknown

    Jun 9th, 2013

    I have experienced the same answer when i get their for admission from the director .. oh sorry to say he isn't a director but a culprit and not even true to himself and crushing student's future under his seat …. i've taken a course for calculus 2 by him and was the most epic course , let me share about a quiz in which we had to prove some property and the amazing part about it was that i got full marks just by writing multiply both side divied both side take ln on both side and I even don't know what i was doing … it was all the wastage of money and HOD couldn't do anything because uni was not able to arrange a teacher how pathetic this is and salute to director with my foot for making this out 😛

  86. Fastian

    Jul 15th, 2013

    My advise to all of you and your fathers is before applying anywhere first look at your pocket if you don't have money then please don't forget your level. FAST is not for low level and poor people, after all nothing is free in this worl why would the professors teach you for free or on load?

    The person you are mocking here is an american PhD, have you ever seen any American university ? He did his research from there which you daddies Americans accepted and recognized. He is very kind hearted person that is why you are taking on him hard because you know he wont resist. It is simply your immaturity and ignorance other wise the guy is great teacher a great man..

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